Florida Prepaid College – Enter to Win

As parents we acknowledge our children’s milestones regularly. We mark it in a book, take a photo, save the certificate, and share it on social media. From first words to first steps and as they get older, trophies and ceremonies to mark the occasion. Last night, my oldest earned her next belt in karate. My […]

{Parent Teacher Meet-up} A Day in the Park

Before I get into our homeschool post, I want to ask a favor. My friend Branson, one of my co-host for the Parent Teacher Meet-up, could use some prayers, positive thoughts, whatever you believe. Her father-in-law recently suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized. They live about 10 hours from him and the distance makes […]

{Parent Teacher Meet-up} Homeschool Mid-Year Reflection

The other day, I realized that in less than six months I’ll have a second grader. What?! That’s almost halfway through elementary school. Okay, not exactly halfway but still a second grader just sounds old to me. Last year we homeschooled for kindergarten. It was full of learning through play. We read, we learned basic math, we explored science, […]

{Parent Teacher Meet-up} Exploring with Lapbooks

Another week of homeschool done and for us it’s the last before our vacation to Europe! So my posts the next few weeks will be more about learning through the experience of travel than the traditional at home education. I would love to stay in touch as we travel. We will be posting photos on […]

{Parent Teacher Meet-Up} New Day

“I think moving the meet-up to Saturday will help me post on time.” That was my reply to Branson when she made the suggestion that we move the meme to Saturday. We can all laugh at me together now. I actually had my post written on Thursday, ready for Saturday but I didn’t schedule it […]