{Parent Teacher Meet-up} School on the Road

Family Travel Miami South Beach

Last week we spend several days in Miami for a family getaway. One of the many perks of homeschooling is being able to vacation when there are less crowds. September in Florida is probably the hottest month of the year. Yes, hotter than August. I know it’s crazy. Despite the heat, it’s also the best […]

Parent Teacher Meetup {Week 2}

Story of the World Nile Model Homeschool

Welcome back to the Parent Teacher Meetup, our weekly home educator link up. A meme to help Branson, Maggie, and I document our homeschool journey and hopefully provide support and encourage for other Mamas, homeschool families, or parents looking for fun educational activities. I forgot to mention last week that each one of these posts […]

Nice to Meet You {Parent Teacher Meet-up}

Parent Teacher Meet-up Homeschool

If you are new here, welcome! I’m Nicolette, a former college professor who turned in her podium at the front of a large lecture hall for a much smaller classroom of just two little girls. Last year was our first “official” year of homeschool for my daughter Emmerson who was in kindergarten. We did a lot […]

Advocate to Vaccinate: You can be a Champion!

World Immunization Week 2015

From April 24-30, Shot@Life is celebrating World Immunization Week and several of my fellow Champions and I are taking part in a blog relay to share how and why we support Shot@Life and their mission to give every child everywhere a shot at a healthy future. Did you know that vaccines save up to 3 million […]

Tips for Going Dairy Free While Breastfeeding

Dairy Free Breastfeeding

I may not have mentioned it here before but my youngest, who was breastfed, had a sensitivity to milk protein. It wasn’t an allergy but more that her digestive system just couldn’t process the protein in milk. We realized she had a digestive issue at about two months old.  She also had a moderate case of reflux. […]